I’m a World Changer



We personally support Youth for Christ because few other organizations can match their ‘resources to impact’ ratio. Consider this: This handful of people provide support and equipping to Youth for Christ ministries in 138 countries (and counting!). These local groups run 678 ministry sites through 27,429 full-time, part-time and volunteer staff (98% are indigenous to the country they serve!). These groups are in partnership with 6573 churches. My $25 helps them reach 4.1 million of young people around the planet! Where else can you give with that scale of impact?

In fact, put the numbers aside. At a fundamental level, their commitment to sharing the Gospel with young people is incredible.

We are thankful to support this amazing ministry!

Dan & Sara Kennedy – USA


I was inspired to become a World Changer after hearing what young leaders are doing around the world to share the love of Jesus with others. The challenges they face day-to-day seem overwhelming and this is one way that I can support them. $25 a month from one person seems like a drop-in-the-bucket for the resources they need, but put those drops together and the bucket gets filled. I want to be a part of filling the bucket and helping others share Jesus with the world!

Emily Hadduck – USA


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