World Changers

Rescuing Sophie


Living on the streets of Jakarta is hard enough for anyone, but imagine how hard it is when you are a 16 year old girl and 8 months pregnant?

Sophie, while begging on the streets, was unknowingly followed by a violent rapist who preyed on homeless young women. Sophie was brutally assaulted and raped, and left traumatised and pregnant.


The Youth for Christ staff in Indonesia first met Sophie when they heard voices in the sewers below a huge rubbish dump. They climbed down into the sewers and discovered a number of children (known as “Rag Pickers” because they scour the dumps collecting rags and other recyclables). At first the children tried to flee, but the staff called after them assuring the children that they meant no harm and had brought food for them.

The children’s living quarters were only slightly elevated from the waste that freely flowed through the tunnels. There were all using a single mattress to sleep on. That is where the staff found Sophie.

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