gprayerSunday morning, the alarm rings at 0345. By 0400 I’m on the road, by 0525, I’m hiking, in the dark, ice crunching under my trail runners, my Petzl headlamp casting a glow over the path in front of me. And I’m reminded that His Word is a lamp to my feet!

As I hike the over 3000 feet of vertical trail, I celebrate health and blessings and creation. At 0700, the sun rises over the peak just as I arrive at 14,000 feet – the top of Mount Bierstadt. I run down, thumbs up selfie in the parking lot, jump in my truck, arrive home, make a brunch breakfast for the family and then I’m off to church – all before noon.

Why do I do this? Because it’s a time where I can just “BE”. Sure, I was challenging my body at altitude and in the cold and because of the climb. But, I was also resting/being in the Lord.

Sometimes, to be still and know that He is God, we have to move to a place of stillness! I am “still” on the mountain on behalf of all of the teenagers around the world who can’t be here, who can´t do this! I climb for them.