My grandmother always said that YFC was founded on its knees. ‘Kneeologists’ and evangelists – that’s what we are! Rejoicing, praying and thanking God for every circumstance that is in the will of God, through Christ for you and for me!

Koekoes is our African Area Prayer Coordinator. Every month, she produces a prayer guide that helps us to pray specifically for team and staffing needs as well as country by country. At the end of this most recent one, she wrote a list about what constant prayer produces and means. I added these, my prayerful thoughts, to hers . . . Thank you Koekoes for teaching us about prayer!

  • Constant prayer is Biblical as we are admonished to pray without ceasing.
  • Constant prayer is familial in that it binds us together with our brethren all over the world.
  • Constant prayer is missional in that it lays the foundation for building effective ministry.
  • Constant prayer is “clinical” in that specific prayers get specific answers.
  • Constant prayer is delightful in that it keeps us in the throne room, intimately present with our Lord and Master.
  • Constant prayer is generational in that it links us with all of those who have gone before us and those who have yet to be born.
  • Constant prayer is an ever present reminder that apart from Him we can do nothing.
  • Constant prayer is the antidote to depression, discouragement and despondency.
  • Constant prayer is the joy of the soul, as we take our cares to the Tender of our souls.
  • Constant prayer is the victor’s cry over satan’s ploys.
  • Constant prayer is the edge of the effective evangelist’s spear.
  • Constant prayer is the hallmark of a YFC warrior.