YFC Canada: Prayer Tour

One of YFC Canada’s core values is SATURATED IN PRAYER.

Our actions are increasingly reflecting our conviction that without God we can do nothing; That our primary work as Christian leaders is to remain in Him; That out of greater intimacy comes greater authority. We’ve experienced significant growth in this area over the last number of years but know we still have a long ways to go.

This prayer tour was born out of a desire to continue to call people to a deeper place of PRAYER and UNITY. It was to simply add fuel to the fire of what the Holy Spirit is already stirring in people’s hearts – this increased passion to humble ourselves and pray and seek his face and to do so TOGETHER.

The Tour was spread over 6 months as we visited 37 YFC Chapters. 97 Cities/Communites and 500 Staff and Volunteers. We experienced time and time again the incredible power of just showing up. People felt honoured and cared for as we took time out to listen, to learn and to pray.

It was a truly humbling and unifying experience. And it has added fuel to the fire that is already burning in so many hearts.

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