Stations of the Cross Event Brings the Passion to the Masses

For the eighth year in a row, Youth for Christ in Croatia was able to run a “Stations of the Cross” ministry. With help from the Franciscan youth and monks, staff and volunteers were able to provide visitors with a unique experience in which they encountered God, His Word, and His love, as expressed in His suffering on the cross. After a windy and rainy week, prayers for good weather were answered, and sunshine and warm weather settled in for the duration of the event.

More than 600 people journeyed through the interactive event. For many people who passed through, the stations made a deep and permanent impact. People said they were deeply moved, and thanked organisers many times for setting up the stations. Participants experienced lifting the heavy cross, confessing their sins by writing them on a plastic sheet, to see them disappear after dipping the sheet in water to visualize how God washes away and forgives sin.

Music and prayer added to the special atmosphere of the event.

The Stations of the Cross event also opened a door to minister to students in a new school.

For more about this event, enjoy the video below.