Senior Servants Encourage & Serve Staff

Senior Servants is a ministry of Youth for Christ in Australia which serves the broader global Youth for Christ family. They are followers of Jesus who are 50+ years old and have passion to serve through their visits by encouraging and serving national leaders, staff and volunteers.

Senior Servants come as one couple or perhaps two, but not more. They join the national Youth for Christ team for 2 -3 months in order to gain an understanding of culture and the ministry with its challenges, struggles and joys, and how to best serve, encourage and pastorally care for the staff and volunteers. As they live alongside the Youth for Christ community, they serve in practical ways according to their life-skills and the ministry’s needs. Their service could take on many different facets, such as help with staff children, filling a temporarily vacated administrative position in the office, or even gardening and help with projects in the office. But more importantly, they encourage staff in their ministry, listening to them and praying with and for them as opportunity arises.

Senior Servants couples cover their own cost while in your country. All that the nation needs to do is locate inexpensive accommodation for them close to the office, where they can sleep, wash, cook their own meals and have a place where they are able to host staff members and their families for meals.

For more information contact: Jane Knowles, Senior Servants Coordinator at [email protected] or visit the Senior Servants web page.