Nick is from a broken home and has never felt connected to his stepfather. A senior from a “boring” small town, Nick says he has always been really bothered by hypocrisy – something he had seen a lot of in the churches he was a part of.

An angry middle child, he felt he didn’t matter, and argued a lot with his mother and stepfather. His Dad was “rough” with him when he was younger, and they haven’t spoken in years.

When he started attending a Youth for Christ group, he didn’t believe in God. In middle school, he attended a Youth for Christ “super club” where a visiting juggler invited him to play a part in a prodigal son skit. Having never heard the story before, Nick was intrigued by how the Father in the story accepted his son back after all the son had done.

Not long after, Nick went on a Youth for Christ trip, where he had contact with lots of Christians. He admits he had a breakdown part way through the week, as he finally started¬†dealing with loneliness and his anger issues. Later that week, he made a commitment to Jesus Christ, whom he describes as “the “Saviour I don’t deserve and the friend I always wanted.”

Since then, life has changed for Nick. He is a lot happier, is a “better person” and has seen many of his family issues resolved.

Youth for Christ continues to play a role in Nick’s life as he attends Bible studies and volunteers to help out.

Listen to Nick’s story in his own words in the video below…

Nicks Story from Joshua Stairhime.