Learning English Through Drama & Song

Karolina is a Youth for Christ staff person who runs classes called “English is Fun” in a Community Centre in Wrocław, Poland. She has taught the classes since September 2012. Admittedly, Karolina had some concerns about whether she could handle it, and whether she would be able to keep the interest of the children in her classes.

The classes include various games and songs. Discovering that the children found great joy in dance and movement, she decided to continue in this direction and find songs that teach simple English  words and phrases with movement.

One day, Ewa Leszczyńska, coordinator of the Centre, participated in the classes and observed the involvement of the children. Ewa came up with the idea of doing a show to present to parents. There was little time to prepare, because classes were held only once a week, and the group wanted to perform the show before the departure of Hanna – a volunteer from the USA.

Beginning to run out of space in the club itself, everyone moved out and organised meetings on the playing field outside of the club. Even during daytime outdoor practices, there were a number of spectators. It was eventually decided to hold a show on the playing field, so everyone from the neighborhood could see it also. A large crowd gathered, including many parents, neighbors, and children. The program included many dances and songs, as well as competitions with prizes for the children from the audience. Despite concerns about the weather, good weather prevailed until the last song, when a great rain fell.

The event brought together many people who all brought different gifts and talents to make for  a successful gathering. The group is already considering other future performances, although not necessarily in English.