Geordon Rendle, International President
Many of our nations recently reached out to our YFCI team to pray us through a very tough week.

This was Marilyn’s grateful response…
We had a blessed time at our Latin American Regional Conference in Brazil and then the week after, Geordon’s laptop was stolen out of the YFCI office, his assistant’s husband ended up in hospital with a severe kidney infection, staff members in a couple areas globally were personally threatened along with their family members, some financial challenges were brought to our attention globally, Mayra (Latin American director who had stayed in Brazil for a missions trip after the conference) was held up at gun/knife point with a missions team and her cellphone and money were taken, and then Pieter had a heart attack.

All in a day/week of our global family? Yes, but the question is not why. We are told to expect trouble. The question is “What does God want us to do in response?” The “what” the day we wrote you was that we knew God was trying to get our attention and we needed an army to pray. That same weekend the “Deboras” in Brazil were celebrating 20 years of existence and they joined you in prayer then (as well as for the hurricane that was predicted to destroy western Mexico!).

God is moving. Health is improving. We know that God will provide and protect, and we are even more committed to the mission we have been given, alongside each one of you. The young guy who stole the laptop, the two frightened teenagers who held the group up in Brazil – they are part of the EVERY. Please continue to pray for us…”

Marilyn Rendle
Americas Area Leadership Coordinator