True evangelism is really about bravery. Paul is incarcerated, but even in that situation, he proclaims the Gospel, boldly and without hindrance. His faith is not stymied by circumstances. His hope is not stifled by crisis. His faith is not stumped by a Roman crossroad!

Instead, he is hospitable, proactive and effusive. The devil often seeks to steal our testimony, kill our outreach, destroy our willingness, but there are no chains that can restrain the Gospel well lived and professed in true Christ-followers. Even as bombs burst in Kabul, as France continues to mourn its Nice/Bastille Day parade and as the US reels from a hail of bullets, the Church is very much alive. The role of Youth for Christ includes empowering a generation to stand strong, to kneel faithfully and to even dance in the face of trials. Pray for our staff and for the teenagers in the news. We are raising up a Pauline generation, one that though struck down is not destroyed! We are serving the unstoppable evangelists, the uncontainable love of God, the irresistible Saviour.