My kids call them my “Geezer Poles” – old man tools used for offsetting the onset of age! BUT, what many don’t realise is that these very same poles are both protection and provision. Since using my poles, I have yet to fall right down onto the ground. I may in fact stumble, but then the poles stop me well before landing on a wrist or a knee. And here’s something most people don’t understand about trekking poles. They make you a 4X4 machine when climbing and descending. My knees and hips share the weight with my shoulders and elbows. My quads and calves share the exertion with my lats and my biceps. Load bearing and energy boosting are increased exponentially by using the poles.

So, what’s the metaphor? What’s the analogy here? God protects and provides in so many different ways, we can hardly keep track. Sadly, often, we hardly even notice!

This past week, my “Life” Trekking Poles were – TEAM. God who is immutably TEAM (it is intrinsic to His very nature and character), then we, who are made in the image of God are also most complete when we serve on a TEAM. This past week I saw the YFC team in Kenya up close. And at their 40th Anniversary Breakfast Celebration I saw the team that supports, intercedes and loves that team! I was in Kenya with Megan, Thomas and John – all YFC International Staff – all standing together in Nairobi on behalf of this great mission. And, I saw your YFC International Board in action. Their desire is to serve the Lord with gladness; to trek up governance mountains with aplomb and appreciation for the stewardship role the Lord Himself has given them.

Youth for Christ – God’s trekking poles for a generation! We are called to empower teenagers, to protect them from themselves and from the evil one; to provide them with adults who believe in them! Their steps are firm, their hands are held and we point them to that sweet, blissful delight in the Lord – now that’s a mountain top experience! Let me know what trekking poles God has given you . . .