The world is shrinking. Every day, globalization and technology change how we communicate. Yet as people become more accessible, many grow more distant, insulated by technology from real relationships and community.

Can this brave new world have a bright future? David Wraight, International President of Youth for Christ, thinks so. In a world of increasing loneliness and isolation, Wraight believes the stage is set for an unprecedented kingdom harvest. At the forefront: young people with a passion for reaching out to others and making a positive difference, be it across the globe or in their backyard.

The Next Wave will inspire readers of all ages to encourage and support the emerging generation: bright, dedicated young people who will impact the planet for Christ.

From the Back Cover

The Next Wave is their story. And yours. As you read, prepare to be encouraged by the incredible potential of the “next wave” of teens and young adults who follow Jesus. Prepare to believe in them, love them, and support them as their personal faith grows roots–and as they share God’s message with their world. “We in the church have an enormous responsibility,” Wraight observes, “to provide the fertile ground and the nurture they need to reach their full potential.” For every Christian parent, youth worker, teacher, pastor — every adult concerned about mentoring teens and young adults for Christ–The Next Wave is a heartening call to empower “the generation that will change our world.”

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