Mateo Hernandez, Youth for Christ Uruguay

I joined Youth for Christ because I like its vision. In Uruguay, Youth for Christ has a vision of integral gospel, taking care of the whole person. We want to share the gospel with people like Jesus did. We want to spend time with them and show them that there’s another way, and be an example for them to see. We also focus on dignifying the other person, because the people we deal with are usually from a poor sector of the society.

One thing we do is give jobs to the ones that need it and can’t get it easily. Another thing we do is give to young people and children a place where they can have fun, learn different things, escape a bit of their world and show them that they can have a life more dignified. We also train people to deal with difficult situations, so we can prevent or deal with situations like sexual abuse.

The thing that makes me think that Youth for Christ Uruguay is a place where I want to work is its integral gospel.