Sodoo & Gloria

Sodoo and Gloria are currently serving as Regional Director for Youth for Christ East Asia countries.

They are some of the first generation Christians in their country and founded their local church youth ministry in 2000. They have been serving young people for the past 22 years and with Youth for Christ for 10 years. They became co-founders of Mongolian National Youth Ministry in 2005. They joined Youth for Christ in 2013 and founded Youth for Christ Mongolia. They have trained the next generation of young leaders and handed the national ministry to them. Since 2021 they are serving Youth for Christ in the East Asian countries.

As part of the Youth for Christ Asia Pacific Leadership Team, their role is pioneering Youth for Christ in new nations, providing consultative support to national leaders and boards. They also serve alongside the local and national Youth for Christ ministry staff of East Asia nations, encouraging growth and supporting them in their unique ministry initiatives through Youth for Christ training and coaching.

Sodoo and Gloria have three children and their names are Anushka, Khaliuka and Mergen.

Through the years, they have rejoiced in seeing many young people find eternal life and hope in a relationship with Christ!