Ron and Ruth Berger

Ron & Ruth have been with Youth For Christ since 1977. Ron began as Youth Guidance Director and founding member of Anchorage Youth for Christ, where Ruth served as Club volunteer and Chapter bookkeeper. Later, he served as Executive Director of Juneau-Douglas YFC. MCYM was their first overseas assignment, in Bamberg, Germany before moving to England to start the ministry at Lakenheath. During a service project in Estonia, God called them to leave military ministry and move to Tallinn and develop the national YFC ministry.

Later, they served alongside the YFCI President in France, and Ron was Europe Area Director and also served on the World Leadership Team. As members of the Deployment Department’s Pastoral Care Team, Ron and Ruth provide support and encouragement for YFC USA missionaries serving in Europe and the Middle East.

As the spiritual climate continues to change around the world, more and more missionaries are experiencing stress and trauma. Ron and Ruth sense a new God-given vision to provide a retreat home for missionaries returning to the US so that they would have a safe, nurturing place to land for a time of rest.