Odi & Lily Brito

Odi and Lily are Venezuelans who have served with YFC in the Middle East North Africa region since 2016. Odi loves sports and Lily loves dancing!

They are passionate to see an emerging generation of young leaders become so well-equipped and empowered, and so in love with Jesus that no matter where they go, they will be driven and passionate to not only alter their social reality, but also to expand the Kingdom of God, sharing the good news with every nation and tongue.

Odi works with the local church as Youth Ministry Director. As part of the YFC team, his role is to connect, support, equip and empower youth leaders from different churches as we pursue the unity of the body of Christ.

Lily volunteers in the local church as Dance Ministry Director and Youth Leader. As part of the YFC team, she serves as an Administrator and Arts and Media Creative Coordinator. On top of keeping everyone organized, she is responsible for creating dance programs to connect and disciple youth across the nation. Additionally, she manages communications and social media.

Odi and Lily have been married since 2015 and their first baby is currently on his way.