Marcela Chyba

My name is Marcela Chyba. I am 27 years old and I come from a small town Krotoszyn but lived in Wrocław for the last six years where I graduated (administration and pedagogy). For several years I have been working with Youth for Christ in Wrocław, Poland. My involvement with Youth for Christ began with the organisation of summer camps for children from difficult backgrounds and children from my church, assisted by volunteers from the UK. Three years ago, I was invited to work at the youth conference “Manifest” and it is now also a big part of my ministry with Youth for Christ.

My desire is to serve young people with the gifts that Jesus gave me. He is my greatest passion and inspiration. I like talking to young people and I can listen. I want to build faith in those who struggle, to comfort those who weep and laugh with those who rejoice. I meet lots of young people who need my attention, time, care and hospitality. I believe that what I do today, will bring valuable fruits for God’s Kingdom. For me working with the Youth for Christ team is the great opportunity. Here I can grow, learn, and develop new projects. I believe that the dreams I have in my heart- to see youth grow spiritually healthy, become full of passion for God and get ready to change the reality around them because of Jesus Christ- that they are dreams from God.

At the turn of 2012/1013, I managed to bring together several volunteers from various churches in Wroclaw and other places and we all worked in unity organising a New Year’s Eve conference called “the BEGINNING” in Wroclaw. It attracted about 230 young people from across Poland and was a great time for most of the participants. It was a time of new beginnings, turning points, time of meetings and establishing new relationships. It was my first independent project I did with Youth for Christ. During its organisation I saw a lot of miracles of God, I could see that God blessed it all and that convinced me that I want and I can do it. It is He who sets me among really talented young people with whom I can do lots of great things to reach out to others.

My vision for this and next year is to unite young people around Christ: to have an open house for young people from Wroclaw and those who need hospitality from outside Wroclaw; join the initiatives of evangelisation with a group of volunteers from Wroclaw; continue running and developing the BEGINNING conferences; work on cooperation with local churches and my home church in Krotoszyn. My dream is that THE BEGINNING conference will be the foundation of a new life style for the youth generation in Poland, the one which will truly reflect who Christ is for us.

I will continue to be involved in the organisation of Manifest and summer camps for children from Krotoszyn. I would also like to be able to implement new ideas and new methods of working with young people, which could happen only if God allows me to continue to be part of the Youth for Christ team in Poland by providing the necessary funds for me to live and minister in Wrocław through people just like you.

I want to share with you what is on my heart, give praise to God for allowing me in my Youth for Christ ministry to experience much goodness, to see the fruit of my involvement and get more excitement for the future. I believe that God has started something very special in our country among the youth, but they need us to accompany them in their spiritual journey as their older brothers or sisters or even as their spiritual fathers and mothers. I would be very grateful if you could decide to stand by me in my ministry journey as the one who prays, encourages with words, and gives financially so that the work could be continued. I need to raise at least 800 GBP/1200 USD a month to be able to work full time with Youth for Christ. I will be very grateful for any kind of support you could show me or give.

Thank you sincerely.

Yours in Christ

Marcela Chyba


Dear Friend,

I am writing to encourage you to experience the great joy that comes from supporting others. Support those that are on the front lines of the struggle for the transformation of the human heart. I write to you as one of those people both supported and having the opportunity to experience the blessings of supporting others. I am writing as a missionary for over 13 years, working with young people. I am writing as a sister in Christ, a friend and colleague of Marcela Chyba for more than eight years. I am writing to encourage you to become a part of God’s perfect plan of salvation. Marcela has been used by God for several years in this amazing plan that aims to transform younger generation. Once Marcela had made the decision to serve God a few years ago she put lots of hard work, commitment and most of all love for young people. Now I can see the fruits of Marcela’s dedication for young generation.

If you care for the well-being of the younger generation in Poland, if you want to see the young people getting saved and living in the intimacy with God, please consider this before God, whether you like to stand by Marcela’s side in the intercessory prayer for her and her service or by sending her words of encouragement and wisdom. She needs your support daily while changing the history and transforming young broken hearts. Or maybe you would like to be one of those whom God will use for the financial support of Marcela. As being 100% supported by various Christians, this great gift allows me to work full-time with young people in “Youth for Christ-Poland”. I experience the miracle of supply each day and the most of all I experience God’s faithfulness in my life that results in confidence that everything I receive is from the Lord. It is an amazing privilege to support Marcela financially. I have experienced a really great blessing by doing it. By writing this I want to encourage you and to tell you that you can also become a collaborator of God and Marcela by praying for her work, her life or by supporting her financially once or regularly. I already thank God because I know that needs of Marcela will be provided in such a wonderful way. Therefore, I encourage you to become part of the life changing miracle.

Wiola Hatak

Coordinator of “ Manifest”

Youth for Christ