Alfons and Claudia Hildebrandt

Alfons and Claudia are serving with Youth for Christ in Germany and worldwide. They call Germany home and have a vision to reach young people in this post-Christian society.

Alfons has served YFC as the National Director for 33 years and as full-time staff for 38 years. He has also been a member of the Youth for Christ International Board since 1993; at first as a Field Representative and now as an At-Large Member. His passion is to grow the ministry of Youth for Christ in Germany through his ministry of preaching.

Claudia has served as Germany’s Director of Administration for 18 years. She has also served for a number of years as Treasurer of the Board of the German Evangelical Alliance Youth Department. In the fall of 2019, she stepped down from her previous role and is now the Payroll Accountant, Substitute Bookkeeper and IT Administrator for YFC Germany. Claudia’s passion is to provide a solid administrative base enabling Youth for Christ in Germany to focus on reaching the unchurched.

Apart from their national passions, they have a heart to assist the ministry of YFC worldwide. They do so through training and fundraising mainly for YFC programs in the EMENA region (Europe, Middle East, North Africa), but also for the worldwide YFC family.

Claudia served for several years in Sweden and Alfons has studied in France. Claudia is bi-lingual and Alfons tri-lingual.

They are parents of five children and nine grandchildren. Therefore, their own family situation is a constant reminder how important it is to reach people with the life-changing message of Christ while they are still young.

Alfons and Claudia are looking for partners to help them in providing financial resources for their ministry within Germany and Internationally.