Haley Whitehurst

Haley Whitehurst was born and raised in Redlands, CA and is the youngest of 5 girls. When she was 9 years old she accepted Jesus as her Savior, but didn’t quite understand what that meant until she was 15 years old. This led her to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus and passion for understanding God’s heart.

When Haley was 17, she knew that God was growing in her a passion for international missions but she felt unworthy to pick up the mantel. When she went on her first international missions trip, God confirmed in her that if she was obedient and trusted where He was leading, she could fulfill this calling as a missionary and truly thrive in her role that God was asking of her. From that point on, she had no doubts that she would be an international missionary and pursued it faithfully.

She majored in Intercultural Studies and double-minored in Biblical Studies and International Development at Biola University, where she received her B.A. During the summer of 2016, Haley came to Lebanon for the first time to intern for YFC. She immediately fit in with the team and felt such peace at the prospect of being there long-term. At the end of her internship, the National Director, Maher el Hajj, asked her to join the team long-term and Haley knew that this was God’s next step for her.

After finishing university in 2017 and fundraising for about 2 years, Haley moved to Lebanon in January of 2019 to officially join the Youth For Christ Lebanon team.

As a Global Engagement missionary in Lebanon, she engages young people with the Good News. She is actively involved in discipling youth as well as developing content for social media which has become a more necessary means of engagement since COVID-19. Haley is based out of Beirut, Lebanon, working with national staff throughout the region.

She has begun adapting the girls empowerment curriculum, Superwoman, and using it with the girls that she disciples. Haley is very passionate about girls empowerment and hopes to be able to train other leaders and ministry workers throughout the Middle East on how to both disciple and holistically build up the young women they work with.

Haley is recently engaged to another YFC Lebanon staff member, Youssef Jouni, and the two of them plan to continue ministry in Lebanon side by side.