Deborah Rend

Deborah remembers being seven years old, standing at the window and looking at the mountains on the horizon.

She remembers wondering what was beyond what she could see and dreaming that, one day, she would be able to get out of her town in Romania and visit other countries.

A few years after (in 2005), the Lord moved her family to Spain and that was the best thing that ever happened to them. It didn’t take long to adjust to that beautiful nation and it wasn’t long before she began to feel she was part of the country.

The day came, in 2019, when she felt it was time for her to move again. The Lord opened a door for her to move to Ireland and that’s where she’s now based and has a wonderful life alongside her husband, Liam.

The Lord keeps bringing her to new places, expanding her, stretching her and challenging her, and all of that is only possible because of all the prayer and support she receives constantly.

Deborah is now part of the Global Prayer Team of Youth for Christ International as an Admin Assistant and volunteers with the Youth for Christ Ireland team. She loves hot chocolate, spending time with friends and “palmeritas.”