Carlie Schrank

My name is Carlie Schrank! I’m the youngest daughter of Tim and Tessa Schrank, a recent graduate of Batesville High School, a lover of Jesus, and a missionary.
I got my call from Jesus to be a missionary in my early high school years. Since then, I have been praying about all the questions that come with a calling like that. Now, I’m happy to say that all those questions have been answered!
Thanks to some close family friends who are also missionaries, I came to discover a missions organization called Youth for Christ International. Since then, they have guided me through this process and prayed with me about timing, location, finances, and so on. After lots of prayer and guidance from Youth for Christ and the Lord, I hope to pack up and move to Knysna, a city in South Africa, after the holidays.
I will be living there for about a year, working in a care center that offers things such as crisis pregnancy support, AIDS and HIV support, different types of support groups and counseling, as well as school and community outreach training. Through this I will get the opportunity to build relationships and minister to this community.
However, I can’t do any of this by myself and that’s where you come in! I’m asking for you to give anything you feel led or would like to. My goal is to raise $13k, which covers everything I need to spend a year overseas. You can give money or prayers; both are very welcome and important. You can donate for me and this cause using the Donate Now button.
Another way to support me is to refer me to any friends or family that you think would possibly be interested in this cause. Please feel free to share the URL for this page.
Thank you for your faithful support!