Zuri’s Story

My name is Zuri*, I am 22 years, married but not my will. I am blessed with one child. I stop going to school when I got married, but my great surprise is that I dream of learning more and I came to found myself in Youth for Christ South Sudan learning computer skills.

My happiness is that I overcome the fear of negative thoughts and I trust myself. I even found that I grow in faith in Youth for Christ.

I learnt many skills in computer and I’m happy with the knowledge that the teacher taught me. I’m so happy to be part of the Youth for Christ family.

I have been suffering from some pain in my marriage. I’m a Christian but married to a Muslim and I am really struggling with living in that marriage so I can stand with my faith as a Christian. I really need the help I get from Youth for Christ because I love to go back to my God, the Lord Jesus Christ. God has blessed me with a voice to sing and I love praises and worship. Also I have been a Sunday school leader. I really appreciate Youth for Christ; I got some counseling and devotion at the computer center. I am so happy to be welcomed there and given the opportunity to learn computer skills.

*name changed for protection