zacZac hung out with surfers who liked to party. At about 11 he started drinking. By 13 he was getting drunk most weekends.When he was 15 he moved in with his sister and her boyfriend and started smoking pot.

Near the end of high school, he decided to “try God out.” He admits that multiple “attempts” failed because he wanted it his own way. After broken friendships, doing drugs and contemplation of suicide, Zac felt God speak to Him. He understood God telling him there were two roads: the one he was on was wide, leading to destruction; the other was the narrow, difficult road that would lead to peace and to God.

Finally, Zac said, “God, if you’re real, reveal yourself to me, and if you do that, you can do whatever you want.” God answered, and he fell to the ground crying. He knew God was real. He had become a Christian.

Soon he experienced what it meant to follow Jesus, obeying Him and walking in the strength that He promises. Learn more about Zac’s journey in the video below.

Tragically, Zac was killed by a shark attack off New South Wales at the age of 19.