Young People Responding to Gospel in Botswana

From Koekoes van As – Botswana


In the past few months, Youth for Christ walked alongside young people and children, teaching them the Word of God and helping them with issues they face by teaching them life-skills – in Kids Clubs, Yarona Programme and schools.

CHILDREN’S MINISTRYThe focus in the next few months before the schools close will be to teach the Word of God inScripture Union clubs in Junior Secondary Schools and facilitate Life-skills in the classroom.

Every week, Youth for Christ leads five Kids Clubs in different places around Mochudi. In total there have been approximately 190 children attending the clubs. Clubs usually include singing, a Bible story, games and prayer with the kids.

Additionally, Kids Club children have special events once per month. In February, a Noah-themed event was attended by approximately 140 children. In March, a sports tournament involved girls in netball while the boys played soccer. April included a talent show and also a holiday program. The theme of the holiday program was the story of Moses. In May, 30 children attended a prayer concert.

A Bible quiz is planned for June. The aim is to challenge the kids to read and know the Bible.

At the blind school where about 51 children attend, bigger children go to Potlako for a Bible study, while smaller children play games and musical instruments and learn new songs and basic Bible verses.


The Yarona Drop-in Centre for teenagers on a Saturday evening is still running fine. Currently we have around 20-30 boys and a girl or two attending. It is good to see the progress in their lives and also their interest in spiritual things.

One of the boys who came to know the Lord in this ministry is now volunteering at the centre one Saturday per month. Some of the boys are busy attending the Youth Alpha course and a few of them committed their lives unto the Lord through that ministry.


The Alpha Course is a course where staff speak to students over 12 evenings about the basics of Christianity. Each evening 20-30 youth enjoy games and hear a talk about a specific topic. Afterwards, there are small groups where everyone can discuss, read and ask as much as he/she wants to.

A camp, which included a talk about the Holy Spirit, was part of the course. It was a blessed time with deep messages and good fellowship. Seven young men have already given their lives to Christ, and there are still a few evenings left.

Thank you for praying for these young believers and the Youth for Christ staff who will be doing follow-up with them.