Young Evangelist Camp Equips Thais to Share the Gospel

(Top) Two boys are practicing with a booklet for evangelism (Left) Campers are writing to their friends (Right) Training session at "Dtua Joy"

Recently, 150 Thai youth, ages 13-20, gathered in Chiang Mai to learn how to share the Gospel. These youth are attending an evangelism camp called ‘Dtua Joy’.

Dtua Joy, Thai for “young evangelist”, is held every four years and aims not only to equip young Thai Christians with evangelism tools, but also strives to strengthen partnerships between Youth for Christ and the local church.

During the first four days the camp focuses on evangelism training. After this, the campers will disseminate amongst 10 Northern Thailand churches to practice evangelism.

When the youth finish the three days of real life application, they will return to the Chiang Mai campsite for a two day evaluation/ feedback session. This wrap-up session will give the campers opportunity to share about their camp experiences and will challenge them to create a 6-month follow-up plan.

As they return to their home churches, this plan will guide the youth to continue evangelism in partnership with their church communities and to care for new believers reached during the camp.

Please remember these young people in your prayers. Pray that they will be good sowers as they spread the seed of the Gospel to the people of Thailand.