Young Disciples Showing Compassion in Beirut

story by Sirag Basmajian, staff member

Lebanon Youth for Christ sent out a special invitation in November 2011. Around fifty students responded to the invitation and crammed together in the youth center to hear what ‘Project D’ was all about. Forty of them made a commitment that night to meet on a regular basis, read a book together, discuss, dig deeper and grow in their faith. A number of them wanted to join the project after they heard about it from their friends.

Today, there are five discipleship groups meeting monthly on different days. The young people have continued to be involved and describe their experience as incredible.

In April 2012, these committed youth were involved in a day event where they had the opportunity to impact the lives of under-privileged children who live in a local shanty town. They are students at the Education Centre of Tahaddi, an organization working in these very poor suburbs of Beirut. Along with their ‘D group’ leaders, the young people helped lead games, played, had interesting conversations, and interacted with 44 children. They also gave from their own money to purchase snacks and a small gift bag which they gave to each child. It was an amazing time to see these young people take on responsibility, show compassion, reach out and connect with these children.

Lebanon YFC hopes to hold many more of these days to allow young people to serve. As the leaders continue journeying with the discipleship groups, they hope that the young people will learn what Jesus meant when He said “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”