You Will Need More Chairs

Edward de Kam, EMENA Area Director

egypt1Two weeks ago,  John Sagherian and I visited Youth for Christ in Egypt. We were involved in a youth leaders training in ElMinya, and in one of the villages. We attended the Board meeting in Cairo, launched a new YouTube TV channel  with MENA Media, and visited two sport projects in two area’s in Cairo, and the work with the girls in Khousous, a part of Cairo.

In all these visits there were possibilities to share testimonies, although in some places we needed to be cautious. It was such a blessing to be with Maged (National Coordinator) and his team of committed staff and volunteers.

I was deeply impressed by the girls ministry in the Garbage area, working in cooperation with the Coptic church. The girls told us how Youth for Christ was an Oasis in the wilderness of their lives, how they found Christ and learned to pray. They also shared how they were helped in life issues by the staff and volunteers. The staff’s desire is to have school possibilities for 12 years and older.

Raoth (the team leader) received a message from one of the girls in Khousous after our visit:

Aunt Raoth, you brought a foreigner to meet us. It was the first time for us to see and meet a stranger, but this is not important. For the first time, we met a person that really cares about us. Next meeting I will bring all the girls in my street. You will need more chairs.”