YFCI President/CEO Ratification Announcement

Dave Brereton has been ratified by the members of the General Assembly as the new International President/CEO of Youth for Christ.

YFCI President/CEO Ratification Announcement
To the Youth for Christ worldwide family,
We, the members of the YFC International Board, have the great pleasure of announcing to you that Dave Brereton has been ratified by the members of the General Assembly as the new International President/CEO of Youth for Christ. Dave has chosen to use the title of International Director, as is allowed according to the YFCI ByLaws, Article V.2. Dave will be spending time with the team in Denver, the World Leadership Team, and the Board of Directors during November and December.  He will take on the full responsibilities of this role January 1, 2018.
Many people in the worldwide family of YFC have prayed, encouraged and supported the International Board as we have gone through this process and we want to thank you for your personal contribution. We felt God’s presence and guidance throughout the whole process and we believe God has led us to the person of His choice. We also want to thank John Bastian who served with excellence as our interim leader during this transition process. John will now resume his sole role as CFO of YFCI.
Dave has been involved with YFC since 1995. He first served as the Executive Director of Montreal area YFC from 1995 to 2000. He then served on the Montreal board from 2000 to the present, also serving on the Canadian board from 2003 to 2006. In 2006 he became the National Director of YFC Canada where under his leadership the ministry has grown substantially and become very globally connected for mutual blessing and encouragement. Dave is also an elder in his local church since 1992 and has been involved in the start-up, growth and development of several technology related businesses. 
In the remaining months of this year and the first part of 2018, Dave will be transitioning from his current role as National Director of YFC Canada into his new role as International Director of YFCI. Dave and Katy have a large family of adopted and foster children and grandchildren most of whom live near them in Montreal Canada. Their love for and calling to serve teens and children from diverse backgrounds and early life experiences has made them feel loved and understood by the YFC family over the years. Click here for a video to get to know Dave and Katy and learn a little about their passion for young people. Dave will work from Montreal travelling to Denver and other parts of the world as needed. Dave has always served YFC as a volunteer and will continue to do so in this new role.
We ask you to pray earnestly for Dave and Katy and their large family as he takes on this strategic and demanding role. Please also pray for the leadership team and staff as they work together in this leadership transition with Dave.
If you would like to email Dave to let him know you are praying for him and encourage him, you can do so at his email address [email protected].
Thank you once again for joining us in this leadership transition process.
Yours in the service of Jesus, 

The Youth For Christ International Board: 

Howard Stevenson (Board Chair), Dean Rueckert (Deputy Chair), Sue Koh (Secretary), Abraham Mantey, Alfons Hildebrandt, Alfred Mc Donald, Fernando Triviño, Jozef Gabor, Koekoes van As, Neil O’Boyle, Nthenya Macharia, Peter Halder