YFC Pioneer Celebrates 100th Birthday

Evon_Hedley_-_Early_Portrait_250_375100 years ago, the world welcomed newborn baby Evon Hedley. His parents were excited about their new child, but they had no idea the impact that Evon would have on the world through Youth for Christ.

Today, Evon Hedley is the first full-time Youth for Christ staff member to live to be 100! Billy Graham and a few others are close behind, but Evon got there first. His birthday will be celebrated in Youth for Christ style, with his friends and colleagues surrounding him in his home in California.

Evon started out in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, and led a youth group called Brantford’s Youth for Christ as early as 1937. He became the Eastern Canada Director when Canada Youth for Christ joined Youth for Christ International in 1944. Evon left Youth for Christ in 1963 to work for Ted Engstrom in World Vision. Later he moved on to work for the Christian Business Men’s Committee and the Russ Reid Company, never straying far from his non-profit roots.

At age 100, he is still mentoring younger Christians, attending Bible study, and active at his home church. Let’s celebrate Evon Hedley’s 100th birthday and praise God for how He has used Evon’s life to reach the youth of this world for Christ.