YFC Ireland Opens Upper Room

A new Youth for Christ drop-in centre ministry called The Upper Room has recently opened in Ireland.

Leaders were amazed that the first time they opened The Upper Room, on 2 February, 2018, 46 students came through the door to see what it was all about. On the next Friday, 62 young people came by the drop-in centre at the start of their mid-term break.

There have already been some good conversations with the young people. Organizers ask that you please pray that the young people attending will continue to be open and honest with their questions and doubts.

In addition to new young people who attending The Upper Room Drop-in and good conversations and relationships being formed, Youth for Christ staff in Ireland are thrilled to have had an invitation to speak to over 600 young people at Emmanuel 2018 on 1 March 2018, as well as for the opportunity to tell 125 students at Newpark Comprehensive School about the Christian faith.