Working Among Gypsies

Youth for Christ staff all over the world engage with young people in a variety of ways. Below is an account from Cornelia Sbircea, a staff person in Romania.

gypsy2A few months ago I shared with my support team a desire to move to Oltenia. Now I live in Băilești (in Oltenia), and I can’t express how happy I am to do what I do here!

Particularly the kids and teenagers fill my life with love and affection. There are many things to be done, especially many needs to be met. I keep in touch with youngsters from 3 villages from the area of Băilești.

I started teaching Maths to two groups of children weekly in order to help and encourage them to stay in school.

There were a several girls that stayed over at my flat for a few days and we became closer friends this way. I helped some to get to the doctor. One of our great experiences was when, with very little equipment – 2 racquets and a ball – a five minute table tennis games outside in the park attracted over ten teenagers that we could encourage to become friends with God.

To many of the kids and teenagers from this area an ice cream or croissant means the greatest level of indulgence. There is a lot we can make for them without involving many resources. However, it’s love -the love of God – they lack most.

Please continue to pray for Cornelia and our thousands of staff around the world who introduce young people to the love of God on a daily basis.