“Waking Deborahs” in The Netherlands

From Saskia van Helden, Wake Up Deborah National Director

Youth for Christ believes in prayer.  Prayer initiatives within Youth for Christ are many.  The newest prayer initiative in the Netherlands is a ministry called “Wake Up Deborah.”

The worldwide movement seeks to encourage people to spend 15 minutes each day praying to make a difference in the lives of children and adolescents. The hope is that these prayers will bring about a spiritual awakening among young people.

Children and young people need prayer in all areas of their lives. No one understands the needs of children quite like parents do, so the core of Wake Up Deborah is mobilizing parents as intercessors.

WakeUp Deborah was started in 1995 in Brazil and continues to spread worldwide.

Please pray that many Dutch people will become a Deborah and start to pray for children and teenagers that God’s Love will change their lives. Please pray for me, Saskia, as the new national coordinator, to encourage and inspire people and to give glory to God.

For more information, visit the Wake Up Deborah website.