WakeUp Deborah Expands to China, Mexico

From Silvia Brynjolfson, Canada Board Member/Wake Up Deborah

A rapidly growing prayer movement for mothers is making a significant impact on many lives. “Wake Up Deborah” is a network of mothers who pray for their children.

In 1995 a group of Brazilian mothers, moved by the challenge of raising children in an environment that was hostile to the principles of God, decided to intercede for them. Inspired by the valor and determination of the biblical heroine Deborah, they adopted the name from Judges 5:12 where, in a poetic fashion, Deborah called to herself to wake up and be part of the solution to aid the suffering of God’s people.

At this time WakeUp Deborah has expanded to many countries and its mission is no longer limited to intercessory prayer, but also serves to provide different responses for the care and well-being of mothers and their families.

Most recently, the network has seen the following developments:

  • Chinese Deborahs: In November, a group of Mandarin speaking ladies started a Deborah group in North Vancouver. They are so thrilled that one of them, Esther, is going to China to start the ministry there. Una, a Chinese professor colleague at Trinity Western, will be the contact person in Canada.
  • Mexico Deborahs. In October, the ladies of Youth for Christ in Mexico learned about the program at Youth for Christ’s General Assembly.  They are working in the worst “barrios” of Ciudad Juarez which, because of drug trafficking, is the most violent city in the world.María is responding to the Lord’s calling and wants to start a WakeUp Deborah group.

    After asking advice about how to start a group, she added, “Christians need to assume responsibility for what is going on in Ciudad Juarez. We need to wake up and start battling before the Lord against the killings, extortions and drug addictions that are taking place here.”

    She has started a new group with three ladies. They look forward to growing an army of intercessors.