Adam Shepski – Global Prayer Catalyst

God desires to move, speak, intervene and create. Waiting Daily on God is the most powerful and active place we can be in prayer.

Waiting on God in prayer is never passive nor should it be regarded as so. We often regard “waiting” as a negative experience. We often believe our times “waiting on the Lord” are when we feel alone and unattended to. We must not believe God is distant, unaware, or inattentive.

Waiting daily on God by faith, prayer and reading scripture trains our spiritual senses to listen, have fellowship and obey the Holy Spirit.

Disciplining myself to daily “wait upon the Lord” in prayer and Bible reading (in both good and hard seasons) has been one of the most fruitful practices of my life. For when God decides to act and move I am ready to join Him in His work.

Waiting on God in prayer is fully confident that God is. God is moving, God isspeaking, God is attentive, intervening and creating. Waiting on God in prayer is acting on the promise that He will reward those who pray in secret and with perseverance (Matthew 6:5-6 & Luke 11:5-13).

Personally, most days I wait on God early in the morning with an open Bible and a listening ear for how I ought to join His work by praying for the lost and our YFC missionaries. Questions I pray when I wait are:

  • Father, whom or what can I pray for today?
  • Holy Spirit, what do you desire from me today?
  • Father, what is on your heart today I can pray for?
  • Jesus, what are you wanting to strengthen or speak to in my life?
  • Father, how may I join your work today?

Daily wait on God so that when He moves and speaks you may join His work.