Vanessa’s first connection with Youth for Christ was through the soccer program in Winnipeg (Canada). Coming from a family with 16 siblings, Vanessa became a “3rd parent” – and while she says she is never lonely in such a large family, attending church was something she was only able to do sporadically until her family stopped attending altogether when she was 10 years old.

She came to Youth for Christ with questions such as “Why are we here?” She has since learned that God loves each of us individually and has a purpose for everyone.  At age 15, Vanessa surrendered her life to Christ and was baptised.

She is learning to put others’ needs before her own. She is also attending church regularly, sharing her new-found faith with her extended family, and giving back by volunteering as a junior coach at her Youth for Christ soccer program.

Hear her tell her story in the video below: