Ukraine’s National Director Benefits from Training in Canada

“… Rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith …”

dubininOn this basis, a week-long training at the Summer Institute of Missions was organised by Youth for Christ in Canada. Every year, YFC Canada conducts training for its new staff in order to teach them the basic principles of working with young people.

Thanks to the ministry of Global Engagement and its head Daryl Stogryn, Ukraine’s National Director Oleksandr Dubinin was also invited to the training, along with colleagues from other areas of the world.

Oleksandr found the training very helpful, especially as he begins a new stage of ministry, indicating that the principles and skills he acquired at the Institute are extremely important. The saturation training allowed Oleksandr to learn a lot and encouraged him to use this knowledge in his ministry in Ukraine.

The Institute taught a variety of topics such as: how to preach the Gospel to young people; how to develop partnerships in ministry; leadership skills and ministry planning; understanding youth culture, and many others.

Apart from the training itself, Oleksandr used every opportunity to tell others about the ministry in Ukraine and to build relationships with potential partners.