Uganda August Newsletter 2011

From Miriam Koote, ND

We have been greatly overjoyed for how far the Lord has brought us this year. This month we have been able to serve many youth and grow in ministry. Below is how you have made a difference in lives of those we have reached.

Counselling Ministry

young mothers and their babies

We cared for 20 pregnant teenagers of whom seven gave birth to healthy babies and six resettled back home. Pregnant teenagers in our care are progressing well physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. The young mothers and the children in Suubi home are in their school holiday, so having time to form more attachment with each other.

Starfish Programme

Mentoring sessions for children and young mothers

Mentoring sessions with the theme “I waited patiently for the Lord” were carried out at the centre with the children and young mothers from the 23rd-25th of this month. They were able to share more about their lives and also make life changing choices.


Counseling Training

Counseling training

Trauma counselling training facilitated by Barbara Porter took place for two days with 19 participants including staff, volunteers and representatives from three organizations. We are so grateful indeed for Barbara’s commitment to see that the counselors and people helps in the ministry continually grows to bless the youth we reach


Outreach Ministry

outreach ministry

We reached 512 youth of which 32 were discipled and 15 committed to abstain from sex until marriage. Outreach offices in Gulu-Northern Uganda and Idudi- Eastern Uganda are growing and impacting many youth in there regions.

Mirembe House

New offices in Idudi Outreach Ministry & Visitors

On the 7th we received John Tompkins, his family and friend at the centre. They shared and encouraged the pregnant teenagers at the centre. The girls were very encouraged and glad for all the gifts they brought for them.

Together we have touched many with the love and care of Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for coming alongside the ministry to make a difference in their lives.


Thanksgiving and Prayer

  • We thank God for his provision to carry out the ministry activities, and the completed construction of our office premises in Idudi, Eastern Uganda
  • The operation Hannah team had successful outreach programs in Palisa and Idudi
  • Pray for journey mercies to the General Assembly in Denver and meetings with partners
  • Continued leading of the Holy Spirit in all we do in Ministry