Training Youth Ministers in Ukraine

Alexander Dubinin, Youth for Christ Clubs Ministry Coordinator

Youth for Christ in Ukraine is increasingly seeking to reach young people for the Lord, so on April 01-02, the team again organized a training conference for teen and youth ministers. 62 participants from 23 churches from different cities in the Ukraine came to the conference.

It was the first basic level of the training. The main purpose was to show the importance of reaching young people for Christ and train ministers in effective methods, especially evangelistic clubs for teens.

Youth for Christ is an expert in this field as Rock Solid clubs have been going for over 15 years. Participants learned many other important topics such as:

  • Counseling and personal evangelism to teenagers led by the National Director, Andrey Kostyshyn
  • Effective teamwork led by the head of Leadership Department, Andrey Talko
  • Social worker and practical psychologist Alexandra Andriyashyna shared with participants important tips about the discipline of teenagers and valuable information on various areas of development of teenagers.

The most impressive part of the conference was a demonstration of a club in action led by a local church teen “Puzzle” club. It was the brightest part of this conference for many participants as they mentioned in their feedback.

At the end of the conference there was a forum on teen ministry and a large circle of participants stayed to discuss issues, ask important questions and share their experiences in ministry.

Many youth and teen leaders were thankful for this conference and left with a desire to organize clubs in their own cities and towns.

Keep in your prayers the teen ministry in churches in the Ukraine and the ministry of Youth for Christ.