Training Church Youth Leaders in Spain


Partnering with the local church is in the DNA of Youth for Christ, and that’s especially clear in Spain, where a new project is underway.

EFIL is a project of Youth for Christ that responds to the growing need to train and assist in personal growth for youth leaders from churches in Madrid and Barcelona.

The innovative workshop transforms the lives of the participants, according to their relational style. EFILis backed by prestigious theological seminaries in Spain (IBSTE and Al-Andalus Seminar).

The educational workshop project is based on four basic pillars:

  • Respect
  • Prayer
  • Growth
  • Action

EFIL encourages participants’ relational growth, empowerment of spiritual disciplines, knowledge of the Bible and the personal gifts and relevant expression thereof.

Finally, participants are mobilized to service and evangelistic action. Students will apply all their development on service in their local context.

Youth for Christ in Spain is excited about this opportunity to grow the church through investing in relevant youth ministries in this way.