Toy Soldier

When you hear or see the word “Soldier” what thoughts do you have?  What mental image comes to mind?

Do you see a man or woman in a dress uniform standing at attention?  What adjectives would you use with this mental picture?  How about: brave, gallant, capable, valiant, fearless, steady, chivalrous, proud, heroic warrior, conqueror.

Or, do you see a young man with a weapon in a fox-hole; his face and uniform blackened with mud?

What adjectives would you use with this mental picture?  How about all of the above, but add….frightened, lonely, desperate, exhausted, weary.   You might also include… tired of the fight, longing to lay down his weapon, remove his armor and  go home, and rest in the arms of a loved-one?

My guess is that many of you see what I have described above, and more.  However, my guess is also that when you see or hear the word “Soldier” you do not see a young person about ready to inject drugs into his/her body; a young girl fighting off the sexual advances of her mother’s boyfriend or a young boy beaten and bloodied for trying to protect his mother from his drunken father.  “Soldier” is probably the last word you would use to describe these young people.

Please take a couple of minutes and watch this short music video, entitled Toy Soldier, written and produced by Stephanie Pauline and More Than Music, Inc.

“Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.”

Southern Colorado Youth For Christ is pleased to have played a very small part in the production of this music video.  In cooperation with the Colorado Department of Youth Corrections (DYC) staff this video was partially filmed at the Spring Creek Youth Corrections Facility in Colorado Springs.   Spring Creek is one of the youth institutions served by Volunteer Staff with YFC.

[youtube h4ECXS-RWX4]