They Became My Parents

She was five years old. Kersy’s father just died. She and her sister, Leslie, were in a desperate situation. Arriving at Youth for Christ’s Homes of Hope in Gitega, Burundi, they badly needed someone to care for them.

The house mama and father at Homes of Hope treated Kersy as their own child. “They became my parents — they helped me to grow as any other parent would… They taught me about God. Now I’m saved and I know Jesus because of them,” said Kersy.

Kersy and her sister are just two of many orphans in Burundi. A nation torn apart by years of war and poverty has resulted in many children without families. Homes of Hope, part of Youth for Christ’s outreach in Burundi, has 13 homes housing over 90 children in the capital, Gitega, and in Cibitoke, a small town in the north of Burundi.

The homes are staffed by dedicated teams who act as godly role models and create a family-like unit where young people can experience love and hear about Jesus who walks with them. They are provided with access to quality medical care and educational opportunities.

Kersy, under their care, thrived in school and now attends university in Bujumbura where she is studying Business Management. “I know this degree will help me in the future, and it will teach me how I can help fellow young Burundians like me. So many young people are studying but they don’t have the opportunity to work, so I will be helping young people like me to start their own businesses!”

God is using generous partners like you, investing in Kersy and others like her over many years, to give stable, loving homes, a hope, and a future to many children around the world. In over 100 nations God is transforming young people’s lives through you and your investment in Youth for Christ.

Today, because of that help and investment, Kersy is able to work towards her goal of supporting unemployed youth in the nation. “We want to thank you for your prayers and gifts that are transforming the lives of children and teenagers in Burundi,” said Youth for Christ Burundi. “By doing so, you are giving them the opportunity to know and serve the risen Lord Jesus Christ… The ripple of hope, opportunity and faith spreads further across Burundi!”

Will you give a gift this month to help more young people like Kersy? Your gift of $50, $100, $1,000, or whatever you feel compelled to give, is blessed by God and has far-reaching effects. Your gifts and prayers become catalysts for God acting in life-changing ways among young people worldwide. He is truly with us in this outreach. Thank you for being with us, too.


Bryan Blomker

Director of Development

P.S. Celebrate with us what God has done in Kersy’s life! With your help, more young lives will be given hope and a future!