The Country of Aotearoa

unnamed(4)There’s a ‘New’ country out there – New Zealand. Internally, the Maori name for the country is Aotearoa. At the end of April, Youth for Christ in New Zealand held their first youth camp! Remember how this is a new country? Youth for Christ has just recently been re-started in New Zealand, so there are a lot of fun firsts coming this year.

The themes of the camp were “No Compromise” and “Equipping for the Harvest” – so that’s what they dug into. It was a great training with a wonderful turnout. There were a lot of new faces at this training who weren’t in the initial training back in February.

Here is the story of one young man. After the first training, he went out and shared his story, his testimony, with one of his friends. That friend started coming to a discipleship group and gave his life to Christ (the rest of his family is unchurched). And now that new friend was at the youth camp, in this training, worshipping Jesus, and being trained to make more disciples who will make more disciples!

The room was buzzing during the training and it was very fun to see the youth start to “get it” as we looked at how and what Paul did on his missionary journeys. As George put it when he saw it for the first time, “You mean, we aren’t just following some Youth for Christ-made model or strategy? We’re doing what Paul did in the Bible!”