The Children of Gitega

Burundi is a nation that has been in civil war since 1993. It is ranked as one of the world’s poorest countries; HIV/ AIDS and Malaria are also great contibutors to the plight of the people. It has a need: leaders with integrity.

Youth for Christ in Burundi has a vision for the children of Gitega: to be trained to be the future leaders of the country. Starting with the youngest, with your support, they will be provided with quality education and nurture to ensure that they achieve their potentional in Christ.

Gitega is situated in the center of Burundi and is the first city Youth for Christ developed a ministry centre. It is a pilot project and once complete will have twelve units with each house having eight children and a house mother. Each house will operate as a family unit, with parents and children from a variety of age groups. In 2010 there were 29 children from the three different ethnic groups of Burundi, where they grow up together in a reconciliatory community. The children attend the Youth for Christ Future Hope School for their education. The site is staffed by a dedicated team who act as godly role models for these children. International teams and volunteers regularly visit the site, contributing their skills and love to this vibrant community.

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