Thailand “Ants” Going for the “Elephant”

thai2With just 1% of the population professing Christianity in a country of 70 million Buddhists, Youth for Christ in Thailand has a huge task in reaching the youth of their nation. They use the comparison of an ant with an elephant. Next to an elephant a single ant seems insignificant and powerless, but an elephant is no match for army of fearless ants.

YFC’s primary strategy for reaching this nation is through the formation of Ant Groups. Ant Groups are made up of youth who are passionate for evangelism, excited to reach their peers with the Gospel, and have committed to meet together each week for discipleship and training.

  • Pray for the National Director, Pattawit “Ong” Onkchareon and his executive team as they “survey the land” and guide the various ministry outreaches.
  • Pray for the Ant Groups across the country that meet weekly in schools, colleges, and sometimes department stores.
  • Ask God to raise up more young people in Thailand who are characterised by the passion of Caleb and courage of Joshua.
  • The staff will gather in Chiang Mai for a retreat October 5-10. Ask God to bless this time of fellowship with His vision as they plan for the coming year.