Testimonies from France


Hello to all the YFC team.

I am Oceane, I’m 18 years old. I’ve been attending the Evangelical church in Villers Les Nancy for less than a year now, and the reason why I wanted to make this little video is I wanted to tell you all how I Met Jesus.

I was raised by Catholic parents who tried to instill a sense of faith in me. But I was never really interested. When I became a teenager I started to wonder who I really was, why I existed, why death and so on.

That’s when the idea of God came back into the picture. I experimented with various spiritual things but I wasn’t convinced by any of them, so I took a break. However, the need to nourish my soul, just as I nourished my physical body was becoming stronger. I really believed my life couldn’t be without meaning.

So I went online and searched all and any videos that talked about spiritual things.

Thankfully, God knows and controls everything, even algorithms, and led me to the YouTube Sans Filtre channel, where I was able to listen to a Christian point of view and where the people are kind and benevolent, which was something I had not found elsewhere. I understood later that it is a character trait of people filled with the Holy Spirit!

This made me want to know more about them, about God. I contacted Nicholas from Sans Filtre (YFC missionary). And he put me in touch with Marie (also a YFC missionary) who is in my church, and she’s been helping me understand more about God’s Word.

I’ve been working on my own personal relationship with God and growing in Him little by little.


Hello my name is Geraldine.

I’m 28 years old and I’m about to become the head of the youth camp division of YFC France.

I first heard of YFC France in March 2020, while in lockdown, through social media.

I started following their posts and read the articles, listened to their podcasts and I thought they were doing a great job engaging with young people in France so that they could continue to be spiritually fed despite everyone being stuck home and isolated.

I was able to take part in the Spi Trek in August 2020 which was five days of hiking where we focused on God’s word. Through that, I was able to better get acquainted with YFC France and discover that I fully adhered to their values and their vision and it made me want to invest in this organisation.

I’ve been working with kids for more than 10 years now so I asked to take part in one of the kids camps in October at the Chenes de Mamre which is their holiday centre.

I went to the winter camp in February and, one thing led to another, and I applied to become part of their staff and I’m thrilled for this new adventure in my life!