Suzineide accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Saviour during a Youth for Christ camp held on a farm in South Africa.

Before this happened, she frequently attended wild parties. She fought constantly with her father, and described herself as “constantly in no mood to listen to him.”   Sometimes she would awake up from sleep and say: “I’ll feel so sad today” and it would happen just like that! When people at home and school would ask her why she appeared to be so sad and silent, her simple answer would be: “Nothing. I’m ok.” But obviously, anyone could tell that something was wrong in Suzineide’s life, causing her much sadness.

Suzineide tells her story:

I did not like to make friends. I couldn’t stand before a group of people and freely address them in public.

Today, I am a changed person! I changed completely and I’m happy with Jesus. Before Christ came into my life, I had times that people could ask me if I was happy with my life. I could never say “YES!” as I surely do now with Christ in me! I praise God for Youth for Christ, in its effort to creatively reach young people with the good news.

I believe Youth for Christ is at God’s heart for the salvation of many. May God continue to use Youth for Christ mightily in reaching our generation with the gospel.

Today as never before, my father and I have a good relationship. He supports my involvement with Youth for Christ as a volunteer. Now I am part of the Youth for Christ Music Team – doing the things I love to do the most.

Another change in my life is that I’m reading my Bible and I’m sharing its teachings and everything I’m learning with my friends and family. I’m able to discern what’s right and what’s wrong. I can see things changing every day in my life.

I want my family to have life-changing encounters with Jesus also. Thank you for lifting me and my family to God in prayer.