Which nation has the largest Muslim population in the world? Most think it is a Middle Eastern nation; some guess nations in South Asia, but few pick the South East Asian nation of Indonesia. With an Islamic population of over 200 million people Indonesia is by far the largest Muslim nation in the world.

Although you may find this fact about Indonesia surprising, even more surprising is what Youth for Christ is doing in this nation. With an open door into every prison as well as ministries in numerous public and private schools, Youth for Christ is sharing the life-changing Good News of Jesus and His Kingdom with thousands of young people. In fact, just a few months ago Youth for Christ held a camp attended by 5,225 young people of which over 1,000 made decisions to follow Jesus.

Perhaps though, the most surprising aspect to the work of Youth for Christ in Indonesia is the person who leads the ministry; it is not a young passionate leader, nor is it a “famous” national evangelical figure, but a small godly lady in her 60’s who has faithfully served Jesus for many years. She has seen the work grow, and she has seen it struggle through harsh opposition. But whether it rains or shines, she has persevered.

And what is the secret to the effectiveness of this unassuming national leader? It is her investment in young people. By trusting, encouraging, training, equipping, and deploying young followers of Jesus, this veteran leader has been able to grow a vibrant ministry in the largest Muslin nation in the world, impacting many thousands of supposedly “unreachable” youth.