Superhero Course Launches for Confirmation Students

Rasmus Ebild, Rock Solid Director, Youth for Christ 

denmark1Youth for Christ has just begun a ministry for confirmation students in Denmark. It is called the Superhero Course. The first two programs have gone very well.

The concept works together with the Danish State Church for a two hour program with teaching, games, and videos. Staff from Youth for Christ share how to be a Superhero with God. Eventually, volunteers look forward to the opportunity to share about their relationship and experiences with God.

Many state churches are asking for help connecting with their teenagers, so the team is very excited to have this program running again. The majority of teenagers in Denmark will go through confirmation at the age of 14, but most do it out of tradition or because of family. The hope is that the Superhero Course will help bring a relationship with God to Danish teens in a context they can better understand.

Please pray for Denmark and the state church pastors who sometimes do not believe in God. Pray that God will meet them and the teenagers in Denmark.