Summer Camp in Romania Seeks Sponsors

by Jean-Philippe, National Director

ro2A friend of mine came to Romania recently. As he is a good photographer, I asked him to take some pictures of some children that we want to help with a sponsorship program. When he saw the conditions of this family – 1 mother, with 4 children, all living in a small house (more like a room, built by her own hands with mud and wood) where they all live, sleep, eat and play – he decided right away to sponsor the 4 children.

Through his sponsorship, Youth for Christ in Romania is able to help this family in new ways. They are receiving assistance with food. The small girl has now been to the hospital twice for her eyes. The children will be attending Christian camp this summer!

Around 400 children and teens will be part of the Youth for Christ summer camp in Romania. Thankfully, not all of them live in such extreme conditions, but many of them certainly live with very difficult situations.

The Youth for Christ sponsorship program covers some of the costs, but there is still a need for 3400 Euros (about $4700 USD) to really be ready for these camps.

To make a donation to assist Youth for Christ in Romania with the upcoming summer camp, click here.